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Friday, January 19, 2018

What Bookies Don't Want You To Know

1. Bookies can't beat Exchanges

Bookies or Turf Accountants run the only business that doesn't want their customers to be happy (win).
They want you to think you are getting a great offer by offering you incentives to bet with them but in truth they have always the upper hand. 
Every bookmaker say they are offering the best prices but they are not as they can't beat The Exchanges. The Exchanges consistently offer better prices. The bookies build a profit-margin into their prices (over-round), ensuring the bookie makes a profit, win or lose. So, if you want to make a profit you should start with The Exchanges. You may get the odd good offer from bookmakers on Big Racing Days (Grand National), but after that they return to norm once they get you in.

2. Accumulator Bets are designed to lose

There's less than 1% chance of an accumulator bet winning - stick to single bets to maximize your chances of winning.

3. Bookies want you think short-term

They don't want you to have a long-term strategy as this is in your favour. They want the punters who think they can win big today and if they do have a bit of luck, give it back tomorrow or soon.

4. Bookies don't offer value on Big Race Favourites

Media hype and lots of attention to these big occasions tend to shorten the price of favourites.
Punters like to think that the favourite is the best horse in the race so consequently he is over-backed forcing the bookies to reduce his price even further.

5. You can make a profit long-term by backing favourites in Big Races

Avoid betting on the favourite in Mares and Fillies races and the favourite in the GrandNational and you can make a healthy profit from Big Race Days.

6. Bookies will close winning Accounts

Tuesday, December 12, 2017

IOTA -Cryptocurrency - Explained

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Iota – which stands for Internet of Things Application – is a new cryptocurrency, similar to Bitcoin.

Cryptocurrency IOTA surged almost 70% in the last 2 weeks becoming the 4th most popular digital currency right now. It’s the biggest growth streak that IOTA, a relatively unknown digital currency, has experienced since its exchange launch 6 months ago. It’s been suggested that this new spike is due to recently inked upcoming partnerships with tech giants such as Microsoft and Samsung. Speculations suggests that the interest is due to IOTA’s significant architectural differences with Bitcoin.

Reduce your Car Insurance

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Coming to that time of year again when your Car Insurance is up for renewal in the New Year.

Here are some practical tips you can use to reduce your Payments.

1. If you are with an Insurance Company for a consecutive number of years, phone them before renewal and tell them you can get a better deal from another company. You will be surprised how many will either match or better the offer.

2.  Consider dropping Fully Comprehensive Insurance for Third Party Fire and Theft as it is normally a lot cheaper.

3. You also might be able to pay less depending on your age, or if you've had no accidents. 

4.  Some insurance companies offer discount for completion of advanced driving courses.

5. Think twice about paying in installments - Pay your premium in one payment, if at all possible as it is always more expensive to pay in stages.

6. Shop around for insurance quotes - The more you get the better your chance of finding the cheapest quote. Remember to compare all insurance quotes on a like-for-like basis.

7.  Put a realistic value on your car  - Remember in the case of an accident the insurance company will only pay out what the car is actually worth at the time of the claim.

8. Never leave it until the last minute

9. Make sure to check that you're not double paying for anything and just check if you really need those extras. Also, check on how much excess is on your policy.

Happy motoring and I hope I have saved you some cash