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Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Ireland Booming again - Bust around the corner

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During the recession the speculators waited like vultures for property prices to stumble and fall. They then pounced with the backing of their friendly bank managers and spineless government, snapping up both commercial and residential property at rock bottom prices. Now, with a lack of property to buy ( ordinary people can't afford to buy ) they are raising rents all over the county with the government turning a blind eye. Soon, ordinary people will not be able to buy or rent. The Boom and Bust cycle is starting all over again. 
The wealthy who made fortunes during the last boom ( Celtic Tiger ) are making even more because of recession and are on a no-lose roller-coaster. 
The government is blowing it's trumpet over the 100,000 jobs they have created. While very welcome, is it really a 100,000 real jobs? When we deduct all the part-time work, Jobsbridge and other schemes it's hard to tell what the real number is. Besides our low-tax-rate for the multi-nationals, what else did the government offer them? When are we going to stand as a nation where we can produce our own jobs and prosperity without going cap in hand to these multi-nationals who will flee as soon as things don't suit?
Why are all our nurses and doctors and other well qualified people fleeing the country as fast as they can get a visa? Why is our biggest export people? Why is rural Ireland decimated? Why are the banks still fleecing their customers after the bailout? Why is there no rent-control? Why are people homeless when there are so many empty properties? Why do all the Public Sector bodies not cooperate with one another? Why is it so difficult to get even the most basic of transactions to be carried out by government and local authority bodies? Why are all the professional bodies ( Legal, Consultants, Medical ) allowed to fleece the country with their exorbitant wage claims? The list is endless with no one willing to rock the boat to tackle these inequities in our society. 
We need to change a lot of things in Ireland, but, change is a very slow process and loses it's momentum as life progresses. The wealthy will always control us as they hold all the aces. We live in the illusion that if we study and work hard we may be able some day join the privileged few, but, they will always erect barriers to keep out the masses. The wealthy will always live off the back of the less well-off. Is there a better way to run the world, I don't know, time will tell. 

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Ebor Review

 Recorder and Frankie Dettori have the measure of Bing Bang Bong in the Acomb

Well another Ebor Meeting behind us and another Ebor loss for me. This time I decided not to go it alone so enlisted the assistance of Betfan's Andy Bell. Full of enthusiasm with glowing reports of previous successes I set aside €1,000 bank for the duration. Advised betting ranged between 0.5 pt   to 5 pt maximum bet. I decided as York was a difficult place to find winners to assign €10 per point.
First day, first race nearly got off to a good start when Highland Acclaim was an unlucky second at a good price. Second race came our first maximum bet on Mohab who did not perform was disappointing  to say the least. Gleneagles was a non runner in the third race of the day where Golden Horn, odds-on was beaten by the outsider prices at 50/1. Our next two bets were a washout, leaving us with a loss on day one.
Day 2 got off to a flying start with Tasleet,a maximum bet of 5pts, wins, and Besharaah followed up with a max e/w bet, 2.5pts, in the second. Things regressed after that with losing bets on the 3rd, 4th and fifth race. The 4th bet was a maximum win bet on Covert Love, second. Small profit shown on the day. Day 3, Top Tug, a maximum e/w bet was placed at 6/1, so, a slight profit in first. Next 4 bets were losers, including a maximum bet on Acapulco. Another losing day and only Day 4 to get back Fee and loses. Got off to a flyer with Modialiste winning at 6/1. Things took a dive after that with a non-runner in second and Finnegan not taking to the ground in third, alarm bells were ringing. Next race was our last maximum bet, Ornate, didn't get the best of rides and came third. Last two bets, Roseburg and Imtiyaas both came second and would have finished off the Ebor meeting with a flourishing recovery if both had won. 
Overall, I can say that we were a slightly unlucky with 7 seconds and showed a loss over the four days.

Friday, August 7, 2015

Today's Best Bet - Friday 7th

6.25 Haydock - Foundation - John Gosden - Plenty of big race entries  - can win first time out