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Thursday, February 3, 2011

Betting for profit

Hi there,

Like a few tips on how to make money on horses.

The morning paper arrives and you hastily turn to the racing section ready to pick your winners for the day and take the bookies to the cleaners....just one problem.You are faced with dozens of races and betting opportunities and races and it all starts to get very confusing for the average punter.

No serious punter will be expecting to bet in every race.If you do bet in every race then you are playing into the bookmakers hands.The one main advantage we have over the bookmakers is....race selection.

The trick is to establish techniques for picking races which look good opportunities for betting and for missing out those which are bookmakers benefits.

The first mistake most punters make is to scan the newspaper quickly and look at horses most likely to win in any race.You should first scan the days meetings....are you more taken by the prospect of betting at Cheltenham, Taunton or Huntingdon? You will get a feel after a while as to the type of meetings you get your best returns from.

When you have chosen the meeting for the day now we go into race type.The Handicaps?,Sellers?, hurdles? Stop when you get a feeling for a certain race and then go further in depth in that race until you feel sure you have a strong selection for that days racing.

If you make your race selctions like this each day it will certainely improve your returns and you will be one step in front of the average betting shop punter betting in each and every race.
Narrowing The Field System
Heres a simple system I may have mentioned before that was given to me by a fellow pro punter many years ago.He used this system in his local bookmakers every day and more often than not made himself a tidy sum.Try it yourself its very simple and easy to follow.
Select the non handicap race with the smallest field,provided the forecast favourite is odds against and there are six or more runners.The system bet is two points on the favourite and one point on the second favourite.Simple but very effective for its users!

Good Luck

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