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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Election Fever

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The Politicians are all ready hitting the street with their empty promises. They will promise all kinds of changes and try to explain how they are going to undo all the wrongs Fianna Fail have done. But the truth is a lot different, we are tied into the Financial deal FF have agreed with the IMF and the ECB, and no matter what they say that agreement is going to have to be honoured. They may at some stage be able to arrange a  better rate of Interest but at even lower rates the debt will almost certainly be impossible to pay back.
Brian Cohen and Mary Harney will be replaced with Edna Kenny and Joan Bruton, one set of useless bastards for another. Both Fine Gael and Labour say they are contesting the election as individual entities and both hoping for a majority but everyone knows that its going to a coalition of them both. They will then spend the next 5 years quibbling with each other and blame the electorate and FF for their inactivity.
We have to see in the near future an end to Part Politics, and elect people that are capable of running the country. We need candidates that offer expertise in their field. We don't need a government of; Teachers, Solicitors and Local Councillors. If we don't change our electoral process and change the way we run our country, then we will be destined to repeat the same mistakes over again. Its time for change.

Let me know your views
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