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Friday, February 4, 2011

Political Bullshit

Hi friends,

The election debate is hotting up. Political Leaders are scouring the countryside trying to drum up support. They will say and promise anything to get your vote. When I say they will say anything, they won't ever answer a question directly and will probably talk about something else and keep rambling on until the question is forgotten. They are all on about Reform, Jobs and saving the Economy. They will make a token attempt to reform the Civil Service and other Public disaster zones, but you can be sure their friends and relations will not lose their jobs. As for jobs, they are depending on the Private Sector to produce 100,000 jobs over the next 5 years. Around 50,000 jobs in Mc. Donald's, flipping burgers and the rest in Hotels and the retail sector, working for min. wage. We imported 100, 000 Polish to do those.
Fine Gael and Labour will be a disaster, they will spend the next 5 years arguing among themselves and blame Fianna Fail for all their inactions, that's why they rushed through the Finance Bill. Brian Cowen and Mary Harney will be replaced by Edna Kenny and Joan Bruton, what a joke.
The day of Party Politics is over, we need a strong independent government made up of people with expertise in running; Business, Commerce, Entrepreneurship, Economics. We need visionaries and decision makers that can advance the country and lead us through the 21st century. We don't need; Farmers, Teachers, Doctors, Solicitors and Local County Councillors running the country into the ground.  

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