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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

General Election 2011

Summary of Seats Won (Change since previous election)
Fianna Fáil
Fine Gael
Sinn Féin
People Before Profit Alliance
Well, we should have a new government shortly but will it make any difference. A coalition between two parties, Fine Gael and Labour, who will not be able to agree on anything among themselves never mind the running of the country. We have, as a country voted for more of the same, the coalition's policies will not differ from Fianna Fail's policies. The National Debt will still have to be serviced, the 450,000 unemployed will still be unemployed, the Health and Education Services will still be unchanged and as for Public Service Reform, what a joke. The coalition will fumble around for the next year and end up cutting the old reliables in the next budget, while those who caused the collapse of our economy will be living off their fat pensions and golden handshakes.

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