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Thursday, April 21, 2011

The Mingle Stick

MingleStick the next “Must Have” product.

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Wow This thing is incredible. If you use business cards, this is a must have. At $19.95 there is no excuse not to have ot.
Ok I am suppose to give you a review of how the Mingle Stick works and the pros and cons and so on. Yet what is there to say. The mingle stick is an electronic business card that holds up to 500 contacts names.
No more searching for lost cards. No more spending money on business cards, they will be obsolete in a year. All you do is put your mingle stick next to the other persons and each of you press a single button. And bam you now each have each others information.
You can pick and choose which information you want, the list includes:
In this instant of “mingling”, we collect each other’s contact details, including:

• Name
• Photo (great to have as a memory aid to your conversation with me)
• Mailing address
• Email address
• Landline number
• Cell number
• Social networking viewing profile details, for popular sites such as
- Facebook
- Twitter
- LinkedIn
- MySpace
I know you have to be smiling now. The applications are not limited to business. Here are just a few ideas:
College students use their MingleStick to network on and off campus.
Event organizers bring live networking technology to the hands of every attendee.
And how about Nightclubs
I can see bar owners selling them at the bar, or giving them away as some kind of promotion. Everyone will want one.

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