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Friday, April 15, 2011

Why You Should Use Betting Exchanges

Before the advent of the betting exchanges you didn't really have much choice with this so I can't blame you.
All you could do was shop around the different bookmakers trying to find the best price.
However if you're still using a regular bookmaker to place your bets then I'm afraid you are throwing money away.
The betting exchanges have massively benefited punters when it comes to backing horses.
On average, prices on Betfair, the biggest betting exchange, are 17% higher than regular bookies. And this can mean a difference of a profit or a loss over the course of a year. 
Let's look at some statistics...
If you had backed every horse on Betfair over the past 7 years your turnover would have been 100.7%. Take off commission and you would have pretty much broken even or made a couple of a percent loss.
However over the same period if you backed every horse at industry SP your turnover would have been just 73.7%.
That would have represented a loss of 16.3% on every bet you had placed.
I can't stress this point enough. Place all your bets using an online betting exchange if you really want your betting to start paying you.
I never bet with a traditional bookmaker any more unless I'm at the track and having a bit of fun. 
I used to make all those mistakes at one time or another.
And at times it can seem impossible to keep one step ahead of the bookmaker and use horse racing betting to put money in your back pocket.

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