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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Why Only 2% Make A Profit At Horse Racing

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Why 2% make it betting & why 98% don’t
Horse racing is currently at its peak of popularity. Never before has this sport
attracted so many people to participate. The majority of horse racing
enthusiasts bet on the races. Some people do if a fun, others do it to try and
make money, but unfortunately, most don’t make any money in the long run.
A staggering statistic is that out of 100 punters, only two will end up making a
profit at horserace betting at the end of any given year. If I rephrase this and
say that 98 of these punters will end up making a loss, that brings home a real
concern, because statistically speaking, there’s not much hope.
Surely it can't be that difficult to make a profit though. After all if two people
can do it, then surely it must be possible for more than that.
The answer to that question/ statement is twofold: -
i. No it's not that difficult
ii. Yes it is possible
That's the first part, the second part is that although it's not that difficult and
yes it is possible, 98 people out of 100 don't approach horserace betting the
right way.
Most people think they need to get the rights betting system, then they will
make their money. That is not the answer. The answer is in fact a process is
required. The great horse racing system is only part of that process.

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