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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Become a savvy punter!!

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13 things not to do at the races - followed by 8 things to do!
1. Don't bet after heavy drinking
2. Don't bet after heavy rain
3. Don't bet on races with little exposed form
4. Don't bet if your horse has a bad draw in a sprint race
5. Don't try to chase your losses
6. Don't think you have to have a bet in every race
7. Don't back trainers and jockeys out of form
8. Don't back horses that have not had a recent run
9. Don,t use just one bookmaker. Check all prices on offer including the tote
10. Don't take your credit card to the races. Set aside a separate betting bank
11. Don't forget to check the paddock to make sure your horse is fit
12. Don't forget to complie your own betting forecast and only bet if you find value odds on your chosen selection
13. Don't forget to keep multiple bets to a minimum and if you must keep stakes low.
Some things you should do at the races
1. Pay particular attention to C+D winners
2. In big handicap races rather than back 1 horse each way back 2 or even 3 horses
3. Make sure your selection acts on the going
4. Keep an eye on tony mccoys mounts during the summer NH season. He is even better in the summer season
5. Take note of heavily backed horses at the big meeetings (especially if they have halved in price)
6. Always keep a record of you bets. We can provide you with results sheets if you need them. Just ask and we will provide them for free
7. Stick to unravelling 2 or 3 races a day rather than than trying to plough through the form of every race.
8. Remember no bet is a certainty

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