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Monday, July 18, 2011

Why You Should Get Out Of Debt

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  1. It will free up your household income
  2. More money to invest in your retirement accounts
  3. Less stress in your life
  4. No chance of becoming upside down on a loan
  5. Greatly reduces the risk in your life
  6. Helps improve and maintain healthy relationships with your spouse, family, and friends
  7. It puts you in a better position to give with abundance
  8. The feeling of owning a car or a house outright is awesome
  9. You will work harder at your career
  10. You will be more motivated to make more income
  11. You won’t feel like you’re running in a hamster wheel.
  12. It will free up your thoughts
  13. Improves your credit score, which could lower your insurance premiums
  14. Improves your credit score, which could help you land your dream job.
  15. Motivates you to work towards your dream career.
  16. Improves your marriage.
  17. Improves your health. Less stress equals a healthier body.
  18. It will free up more income to help you save for your children’s future
  19. Allows you to help friends and family get out of debt
  20. It will free up money to put towards the home improvements you’ve dreamed about
  21. You’ll be a happier person, and people will like you more.
  22. You can finally take control of your financial life
  23. More time and money to devote to your favorite hobby
  24. Unfortunate events won’t ruin your financial and personal life.
  25. You can teach your children how to stay debt free

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