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Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Are Poker Sites Legit?

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Are the cards on online poker sites random is an often asked question by online poker playersand the answer is yes.Online poker site cards are 100% random and this is a fact that is proven and tested.You may run into some very very bad beats on the poker tables (online or off line) and you may be involved in or witness hands in poker that see two,three or four players with great hands with one of them winning and the other players screaming BAD BEAT but that just happens in poker,that is poker that is why it is so great and entertaining to play.
The fact is that all online poker sites use an RNG (random number generator) to select cards from a 52 card deck for every hand.Not because they want to or choose to but because they have to.All online poker sites are ruled by there respective governments and independent agency,s so it would be impossible and extremely stupid of them to in any way tamper with the flow or order of cards in any shape or fashion.Online poker is 100% random that is a fact and they could not control the cards even if they wanted to but that would be highly unlikely.
I am an online poker player myself and spend around 20-30 hours per week playing poker online so i know what your talking about when you say you had an incredible bad run of bad beats and bad luck and that it must be fixed as this would not happen.However that,s all it was a few bad beats,a run of bad luck and yes it could happen,it could happen and did happen you just have to get on with it and get over it.If you let a run of bad beats and incredible bad luck get to you it will only result in you losing more.If you are not in the right frame of mind you will start to make mistakes and do things you would not normally do.If this happens to you stop playing poker for a while and do some housework,watch a movie or two or go to the pub and blow of some steam.Once you have went away and got it out your system then you can go back to the tables and start playing poker the way you play poker with no bad feelings.
Online poker is 100% random,remember all the big online poker sites are huge company,s known all over the world,they are household names like Coca Cola or Adidas.All online poker sites are 100% legit and the cards are 100% random,they have absolutely nothing to gain from being anything but 100% legit.So if you have had a bad run just work your way through it and come out the other side and remember that these things will happen in poker because it is pokerand that,s why we love it.
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