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Thursday, June 7, 2012

Is Internet Marketing a Scam?


Having pent years pa-rousing the Internet trying to find a Niche Market to attempt to make money on-line, Iv'e come to the conclusion that that ship has sailed. There are literary 1000's if not 1,000,000's trying to find that elusive, let's call it a System, Niche Market or Silver Bullet that will propel them to instant wealth. There is no shortage of Gurus ( ha ) and Marketers out there that will swear that their product is the Holy Grail of systems and will make you rich with little effort. I can tell you now that if one seeks wealth and prosperity it will come with a huge price tag. It takes a certain type of determined mind-set to achieve one's goals and this is not for everyone. Nothing good in life is achieved without hard work and planning.All rich people in society display similar characteristics: Single-minded determination, a positive mental attitude, a willingness to work harder and longer than anyone else, focus, goals, self belief in an unstable can and will do attitude.  

The Internet Marketer preys on people's weaknesses and gullibility. They set their prices for their worthless systems at an affordable price. Seriously people if these products done what they say they could do what idiot would sell them for a couple of Euro or Dollars. They lead you to believe that a person with no experience in Business or Computers will achieve with a  few button presses a massive passive income something that people with years of experience and Degrees in God knows what have failed to achieve. What they are really selling you is a Myth, a Dream, a false promise. They are good at what they do. They know that in times of Economic turmoil and Recession, people are desperate and willing to try anything to escape their situation. People have invested large sums of money moving from system to system trying to hit on the elusive one that works. The only ones that make money are these Marketers.

I have no doubt that some people out there have made it on-line but they are few and more than likely were in before the saturation point was reached. There will always be the exception to the rule and something new always comes along but as the Highlander says " There can be only one".
Making money on-line while it may not be impossible it certainly isn't easy. 

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