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Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Desperate Dan

Sign of the times – Desperate Dan and friends are reduced to signing on as sales have plummeted from 2,000,000 to 6,000 copies per week.
Desperate Dan is one of the longest running comic strips in the world having appeared in issue 1 of The Dandy in 1937 and continues to appear in The Dandy today. In 1984 Desperate Dan replaced Korky the Cat as the cover star.

Dan tucking into one of his favourites - cow-pie

Desperate Dan's family includes his Aunt Aggie, who makes him his cow-pies, and his nephew and niece, Danny and Katey. He has a pet dog called Dawg, the hardiest hound around. Dan hails from the wild west town of Cactusville. He was originally a bit of a desperado on the wrong side of the law hence his name, Desperate Dan. He later on became a friendlier character helping his fellow town folk and even becoming deputy and sheriff of Cactusville from time to time. Dan is arguably the strongest and toughest man in the world. Examples of his strength have been lifting whole buildings and using a crane to fish. He also uses a blow torch and chisel to shave.

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