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Monday, September 16, 2013

Power Lead Systems - PLS



I'd like to let know about this company that's about to go viral. This is a once in a life-time chance to get in at the start of something big. We are pre-enrolling right now for the biggest twist in 100% commissions ever released,called Accelerated Leverage. This will be an industry game-changer when we roll out our exclusive 'Free Lead System'on launch day.The moment you pre-enroll, a unique link will be generated just for you.Start sharing your link immediately and lock-in your leaders. On launch day, your sign-up link will automatically be sent to everyone who has pre-enrolled from your URL.

Pre-Enroll below...    ( Copy & Paste )

Go now, get your personal link, and send an e-mail out to all your contacts

We also had another Major Announcement here, all Affiliates will receive a very valuable program called “Endless Free Leads” (EFL) that sells for $299 at NO charge!
The EFL program will show affiliates how to:
  • Find great prospects on Social Media Sites
  • Connect With Great Prospects
  • Motivate Prospects to Join Your Business    ( Copy & Paste )
The EFL program will be available when we launch the PLS and anyone joins as an affiliate.
We will officially launch the PLS on September 30th at 1pm (Pacific Time).
Launch will last for 72 hours and you will be emailed a link to sign up any time during
the 72 hour window from Monday Sept. 30th till Thursday Oct. 3rd at 1pm (Pacific Time).
It won’t matter if you sign up during the 1st minute or last minute of the 72 hour window as our programming will automatically readjust your people under you at the end of the 72 hour period.  So we
recommend you avoid the rush in the first few hours and choose a time convenient for you.
During the 72 hour period, we will turn off email notifications to you for anyone signing up on the Early Notification List as well as all reports in the Admin Area because we won’t know your official report till after the 72 hour period,when we adjust those who signed up as an Affiliate so we know who gets
credit for commissions.    ( Copy & Paste )

To your success, 



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