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Thursday, December 30, 2010

Betting on Horses

Hi there,

If you are a fellow punter, you know how hard it is to make money on horses. There are so many obstacles to overcome: Is the Trainer in form? Is the Jockey in form? Is the horse in form? Is the ground right/ Does the horse like the course?  etc... The same questions have to asked of the opposition. Once you analyse those, the next big question is, the "Price". Is it worth taking on at current price? How much will I bet? Next question, will I use the Local Bookmaker, Online Bookmaker or Betting Exchange?
If you are new to Betting Exchanges, you can back a horse to win or lay it to loose. If you lay the horse, you are becoming the bookie and have to cover the odds. If you lay a horse at 2/1 for €100, your liability will be €200, if you back at 2/1 for €100, your profit will be €200 less commission.
I will continue another day, if you are interested, let me know. I will also be giving out free tips on my blog.

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