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Friday, December 31, 2010

Horse Racing Betting Continued

Hi there,

Like I said yesterday, finding winers is not easy, but there are numerous aids to help, Tipsters, Systems, Newspapers and of coarse the Net. There is a lot of free information out there if you have the time to gather it. If you haven't you can call a tipping line that has done all the donkey work for you. There are many "Tipsters" out there all claiming to make a profit. In my experience, they achieve limited success and lose over the long run. When you think you get a good tip there is the tendency to bet more than you would normally bet which can be hazardous to your betting bank (which I will explain later). Systems, same criteria, limited success, lets face facts, if there was such thing as a system that works, there would be no bookies. Even if someone came up with a system that worked, they would be foolish to divulge it. Continue tomorrow.

My Picks - 1.10 Uttoxeter - Glenwood Knight
                  2.15 Punchestown - Luska Lad

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