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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

3 Things You Need To Make Money

  • A SUBWAY restaurant in Dawson, Texas.Image via Wikiped
  • Success Mindset. Millionaire entrepreneurs THINK DIFFERENTLY than normal (broke) people. See, to change your “fruits” (results), you must first change your “roots” (your thinking and mindset). Part of succeeding is breaking out of normal thinking patterns. “Normal” people will tell you that your “crazy idea” will never work… they will tell you not to “waste your time chasing fortunes”… and that you should “give up”. The thing is, so-called “normal people” are also BROKE. Are you going to take money advice from broke people?
  • Success Marketing Know-HowYou must know the means, methods and tactics for getting new customers to buy from you, more often and at higher amounts. This is largely science more than art – meaning it can be learned, taught and transferred at near flawless levels of accuracy. The “weak link” is of course in the actual doing of what works – which is why the next component of success is so important.
  • Success SystemsJust as McDonald’s, Subway, and Hallmark stores succeed because there is a fool-proof, step-by-step, non-optional and largely automatic system in place… so should your business. Once set up, your business should operate automatically to execute the steps of a proven nature… so you can sell your version of Big Macs, 12-inch Subs and Greeting Cards without ever having to think about “how” to do any of it. The “how” should happen automatically. Without you or me needing to “work”, and without us being able to goof it up.

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