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Tuesday, November 20, 2012

How Our Economy Works

Lets look at a typical small town in Ireland. With the recession and Credit Crunch everybody is in debt. Then a rich tourist arrives in town. Goes to only hotel left and asks for a room. The receptionist tells him he has a choice of 6 rooms. The tourist places a €100 note on the counter and says he will look at the rooms and if one suits he will take it. The hotel manager on seeing the note immediately takes it and runs next door to pay the butcher for meat supplied. The butcher then runs next door to pay feed supplier . The feed supplier then gives the note to the local hooker who gave him sex on credit. The hooker then runs to the hotel to pay them for use of a room.
The tourist arrives back at reception and takes his note back as none of the rooms are suitable. He leaves town with everybody out of debt. That's how our economy works.

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