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Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Should Xmas be cancelled?

Well its getting near that time of year that a lot of families fear. People are under a lot of financial pressure especially those on middle to low incomes. Can they afford Xmas? Will it put the family finance under severe pressure?How much more debt will it inflict? It's very tough times for those with small children with expectations for the very latest gadgets. Should they sit down with their children and try to explain why they can't afford Xmas this year?
Marianne says she was too spoiled by the glut of presents from childhood Christmasses

Would it be a good lesson for kids or just a bad memory? What would their friends and neighbors think? Questions that are not easily answered.
Polls show that many people believe Christmas has become too commercialized. It should be a time of family celebration, friendship, spirituality and reflection. Unfortunately, almost all methods of celebrating Christmas nowadays require spending money. Few people realize that Christmas produces more income inequality than any other time of year. 

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